AE's Linear series with Time Aligned technology

Acoustic Energy — 1 Dec 2006

Innovative baffle design and driver positioning give Acoustic Energy's latest mid-range loudspeakers the hi-fidelity edge.

Linear 5.1 packageLinear 5.1 package

Genuine innovation at the more affordable end of the loudspeaker market is a rare thing – until now. AE’s new Linear series loudspeakers use a sculpted baffle and precisely inset tweeter to achieve perfect in-phase frequency response in the all-important midrange. This ‘Time Aligned’ design (see Appendix 1) offers optimum timing and excellent off-axis phase response leading to a smoother, sweeter and better integrated sound than traditional flat plane designs.

Phase alignment of the high and low frequency drivers is not uncommon on high-end loudspeakers but Acoustic Energy’s Linear series brings the design to an affordable 5.1 surround sound package for the first time.

This full-size loudspeaker series comprises four models, available separately or as a complete 5.1 system. The flagship Linear 3 is a three-way floorstanding design with a substantial 160mm LF driver giving bass down to 30Hz. The ‘bookshelf’ two-way Linear 1 and two-and-a-half-way Linear Centre share 130mm main drivers and all three models use AE’s proven textile dome/neodymium magnet tweeters for precise timbre matching.

For those who enjoy high volume surround sound action, the Linear series is based on a ported cabinet design and boast high efficiency (up to 91dB/Watt) throughout. Peak power handling up to 175Watts means the Linear series is ideal for today’s high power AV amplifiers.  

The Linear line-up is complete with a substantial 82-litre active subwoofer, marrying a downward facing 220mm driver with a 200Watt amplifier stage. The sealed box design offers fast transient bass response and tight control of low frequency effects to best complement the potent Linear loudspeaker package.

Priced between the award winning/best selling Aegis EVO loudspeaker package and the top-of-the-range Aelite range, the Linear series speakers are finished in classy high-gloss piano black.

AE’s Linear Series will be available from October.

  • Linear 1 – approx £249.95 per pair
  • Linear 3 – approx £499.95 per pair
  • Linear Centre – approx £209.95 single unit
  • Linear Subwoofer – approx £399.95 single unit
  • Liner 5.1 package – approx £1295.95 (saving £60)

Appendix 1 – How ‘Time Aligned’ loudspeakers work

Traditional loudspeaker design consists of high and low frequency drive units fitted to a straight front baffle. This is pleasing to the eye and simple to manufacture. However, around the crossover point both drivers produce the same frequencies. Sounds in this range are produced almost entirely from the centre of the LF driver cone – normally recessed some 25-50mm from the baffle and consequently the tweeter. This traditional design produces two frequencies from different points at different distances from the listener, leading to cancellations and a notable drop in level.

Whilst much of this effect can be eliminated with clever crossover implementation, the Linear Series’ Time Aligned design is a slicker and more efficient solution. The tweeter is physically pulled back to the same vertical plane as the centre of the woofer and the baffle is computer modelled to give a smooth on and off axis response. This makes the Linear design a truly aligned speaker that works across the entire audio spectrum without the undefined diffraction that can happen with a stepped baffle design. The upshot is a smoother frequency response and class-leading on and off-axis sound quality.

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