AE unveils world's first freestanding Wi-Fi internet radio

Acoustic Energy — 15 Nov 2006

Acoustic Energy has lifted the wraps on a revolutionary new concept in home entertainment for everyone - the world's first Wi-Fi internet radio offering Real Audio, WMA and MP3 support.

Internet radio is booming - with many thousands of stations on-line at any time. Great if you are sitting at your PC but what about in the kitchen, living room or even the shed?

The answer is Acoustic Energy’s Wi-Fi internet radio – the world’s first streaming media device capable of accessing over 99% of internet radio stations broadcast on-line anywhere in the world. Compatibility with all three major streaming formats gives the AE Wi-Fi radio unrivalled choice of content from London’s BBC Radio1 to Sao Paolo’s Radio Calypso! No subscription to pay, no signal coverage problems and no international content boundaries.

The AE Wi-Fi radio has been designed in the UK by legendary British loudspeaker and hi-fi manufacturer, Acoustic Energy.

So how does it work? The AE Wi-Fi radio automatically links into your existing Wi-Fi network (with WEP encryption if enabled) and uses your broadband connection to access a dedicated internet radio Gateway. The Gateway then uploads channel listings alphabetically by country and genre to your AE Wi-Fi radio. There are currently over 2,500 stations registered on the Gateway and more are added every day. You simply select the station name you want using the rotary control knob and clear LCD display, and press play – as simple as that.

Moreover, it sounds great. Using twin AE drivers in a ported compact cabinet you get rich bass and, on high bit-rate stations, better clarity than even DAB radio. Every time you switch on your AE Wi-Fi radio the Gateway uploads the latest channel listings free of charge. You can listen to both live radio and on-demand streams, such as the BBC’s popular listen again feature.  

Want to listen to your own PC library of music anywhere in the house? No problem. The AE Wi-Fi radio is also a fully equipped media adapter, allowing you to play by artist, album or playlist and or generate new playlists from a mix of music and stored radio content. It even has a clock and alarm function making it the ideal bedside partner.

The AE Wi-Fi radio is a true revolution in home audio entertainment. It offers unrivalled content, is very simple to use, sounds great and less than £200 with no subscription charges to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a broadband internet connection?

Yes, you do. The AE Wi-Fi radio accesses internet radio stations through a wireless link (802.11b or 802.11g) to your existing Wi-Fi enabled broadband connection.

Does my PC have to be switched on?

Not necessarily. If you have a broadband router with built-in Wi-Fi, you do not need to turn your PC on to receive internet radio on the AE Wi-Fi radio.

Are there any subscription costs?

No. Any content from any radio station that is free on the internet is free to access on your AE Wi-Fi radio. Future ‘subscription-based’ internet radio services will be available on a pre-pay or pay-per-access basis as they come on-line.

What about interactive services?

The AE Wi-Fi radio is fully equipped with a ‘Reply’ key to respond to internet radio station competitions, adverts or opinion polls – as and when they become available.

Can I access music stored on my PC as well?

Yes. The AE Wi-Fi radio also acts as a media adapter allowing you to sort, access and play audio content stored on your PC in MP3, WMA or Real Audio media files.

Can I use headphones or connect it to my hi-fi system?

Yes on both counts. The AE Wi-Fi radio has a 3.5mm stereo jack for headphones or connection to your hi-fi system with a standard 3.5mm jack-to-RCA audio cable.

How much does the AE Wi-Fi radio cost?

This unique device will retail at around £199 – which is about 8-pence for every radio station available! Compare that to DAB or FM radio with just a handful of channels.

Appendix 1: AE Wi-Fi radio technical details

  • Supports Real Audio, MP3 and Windows Media streams
  • Uses 802.11b and 802,11g Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Offers 128-bit (max) WEP security
  • Supports HTTP protocol
  • Supports AAC streaming
  • ‘Reply Key’ enables future interactive features
  • Linux OS Kernel

Appendix 2: Some facts about internet radio

  • Over 3,500 internet radio stations broadcast worldwide
  • Over 6 million people listen to BBC radio via the internet
  • 10 million hours of on-line radio listening / month on the BBC alone
  • Most mainstream FM/DAB stations also broadcast on the internet
  • Internet radio is global – any station, anytime, anywhere

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