AE returns to the studio with AE22 active and passive

Acoustic Energy — 22 Jan 2014

15 years in the making: AEs stunning new studio monitor is ideal for professional and high-end home studios alike.

AE's AE22 near field monitor in Metropolis StudioAE's AE22 near field monitor in Metropolis Studio

Acoustic Energy took the Pro-Audio market by storm in the 1980’s with the classic AE1 and AE2 studio monitors. 2014 sees AE return to its music-making roots with the launch of the awesome AE22 professional near field monitor.

Unveiled at London’s famous Metropolis Studios, the AE22 is available in active and passive versions and perfectly voiced for accurate mixing and reference monitoring. The rugged build, compact dimensions and high volume output make the AE22 suitable for recording artists and mixing editors alike. The AE22 Passive offers high power handling and durable Neutrik speaker connectors for those preferring to specify their own amplification. The AE22 Active boasts over 200Watts of power across its dedicated LF and HF power amplifiers and LF / MF and HF gain and equalisation controls to tailor the sound to the studio or music program.

Comment’s Steve Philips, head of R&D at AE: “With commercial studio time at a premium, the AE22 offers a true professional near field monitor at a price that won’t blow the recording budget. We have been refining our monitor sound for over 15 years and the AE22 is set to kick the current ‘standard reference’ studio speakers into touch. The sound is far more powerful, refined and accurate than these old designs and the AE22 backs that up with huge power, high SPLs, rugged build and cutting edge driver technology.”   

The AE22 is based on a heavyweight 250 x 350 x 330mm sealed cabinet featuring a new 200mm alloy bass driver and a 25mm ring-radiator tweeter with neodymium magnet. The active version features both balanced and unbalanced XLR input and separate power amplifiers for each driver.

“It's been 15 years since we created our last ‘Pro’ speaker (the AE2),” adds Steve. “In that time we have learned much about the needs and demands of the modern studio engineer and set about creating a monitor that would eclipse the current designs in use today. We trialled the AE22 at a number of hot recording studios with some of the top recording engineers in the business and the response was excellent. One (anonymous) engineer was reported to comment of AE22: ‘wow, these babies rock – makes the old stuff sound emo.’”  RSPR is still working on an accurate translation....

Available now, the AE22 Passive has a suggested retail price of £450 per pair, while the AE22 Active retails around £800.

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