AE unveils all-new Radiance

Acoustic Energy — 15 Jan 2009

Radiance from Acoustic Energy is a ground-up new design that blends leading-edge audio technologies, UK-tuning and opulent aesthetic design.

Three years in the making, Radiance is an all-new loudspeaker design from Acoustic Energy. Radical new technologies, AE’s signature alloy drivers and 25-years of acoustic excellence have been distilled into a range of loudspeakers majoring on speed, timing, clarity and sheer musical entertainment.

The four-strong Radiance line-up feature slim-line cabinets with extensively braced parabolic curved walls to reduce standing wave and resonance colourations. Reflex-loaded to maximise LF dynamic range and impact, Radiance floor standing models (Two & Three) feature separate internal enclosures with individual port tuning for bass and mid-range. AE’s signature alloy cone Pure-pistonTM drivers with twin-wound aluminium voice coils offer outstanding dynamic speed and transient attack along with class-leading power handling.

The Radiance ring-radiator tweeter assembly is a new unit using special flux stabiliser rings to significantly reduce motor distortion. Its performance is enhanced by the implementation of patented DXT®  Lens technology. This unique waveguide design creates a calculated diffraction pattern that dramatically widens HF dispersion, improves off-axis frequency response and smoothes power response across the audio band.

The DXT® Lens comprises carefully calculated diffraction edges arranged concentrically around the HF drive-unit. Each ‘edge’ affects a different range of frequencies allowing the multi-diffraction DXT®  Lens to create an even dispersion pattern throughout the range of the HF drive unit.

The upshot is a more cohesive loudspeaker benefitting from a dramatic reduction in colouration caused by room boundary reflections and offering a far wider ‘sweet-spot’ that traditional loudspeaker designs. Moreover, for those tight on living-room space, Radiance speakers are far less critical of room placement. The DXT® Lens means Radiance speakers can be placed closer to side-walls for example without limiting their spatial information or ability to create a truly extended soundstage.

Speaker diffraction pattern

High Frequencies (pink), Mid Frequencies (blue) AND Low Frequencies (green)


Without DXT®    With DXT®

The Radiance crossover network follows the ‘straight and simple’ ethos implemented in the Recent AE1 Mk3 SE Reference loudspeaker. The new driver arrangement and improved cabinet design have reduced demand on the crossover to smooth the overall frequency response, allowing a much reduced component count and subsequent increase in component quality. With no resistors in the crossover circuit at all, the result is an ultra-clean, ultra low-loss design that affords Radiance loudspeakers levels of transparency and micro-detailing well above their price points.


Radiating style

For the style-conscious audiophile, Radiance loudspeakers have been designed to look every bit as good as they sound. The slim profile and reduced footprint are ideal for smaller rooms or where traditional big box loudspeakers would upset a decor theme. Each cabinet is precision crafted and hand-finished to exacting standards in real wood veneer. Both the natural and dark-ash options are complemented by bold aluminium trim detailing for a thoroughly modern look. Sub-veneer magnets are employed to attach the supplied grilles, ensuring a seamless look to Radiance loudspeakers whether they are used dressed or naked.

The Radiance Two and Three floor-standing models are supplied with stylish metal feet that mirror the profile of the bass driver dust caps. Completing the holistic, contemporary look and providing a solid base foundation, the feet have been crafted from a zinc alloy chosen for its strength and improved acoustic properties. The stereo Radiance range is complete with the stand-mount Radiance One, with a dedicated Centre Channel loudspeaker and Radiance Subwoofer available for AV and multi-channel audio set-ups.

Designed from the floor-spikes up to be high-energy design with a real passion for music and movies, Radiance is a thoroughbred AE product exemplifying the core strengths that built that brand. Extensive R&D, testing, listening and fine-tuning over nearly three years has resulted in an effortlessly musical and enjoyable range of loudspeakers that will perform in the widest range of domestic environments.

Available in Dark Ash or Natural Ash real wood veneers, the core Radiance range of loudspeakers are available exclusively from AE’s specialist retailers across the UK.

AE Radiance One   £599.00 pr.

AE Radiance Two (Spring 09) £999.00 pr.

AE Radiance Three   £1,499.00 pr.

AE Radiance Centre  £399.00 ea.

AE Radiance Subwoofer   £499.00 ea.

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