Definition by Tannoy: Defining the Art of Sound

Tannoy — 11 Mar 2010

Definition is a bold new range of audiophile loudspeakers from Tannoy. Designed to get the very best from stereo music in the home, the three-strong line-up of distinctive, contemporary styled loudspeakers offers unrivalled performance value for money. Incorporating a wealth of high-tech features

With roots tracing back to Tannoy’s original and highly successful Definition series launched in 1993, the new Definition range embodies the same primary principles of audio performance and simplicity. Every component has been specifically chosen for its acoustic properties or developed exclusively for the Definition range to achieve the highest possible performance with the widest program of music material. This is a true audiophile loudspeaker, unfettered by mass-market trends for ultra-slim or ultra-compact design.


At the heart of the Definition range is the very latest evolution of Tannoy’s proven 8in (200mm) and 10in (250mm)  Dual Concentric (TM) drivers, reinforced by auxiliary bass drivers in the floorstanding models. The Wideband tweeter is an ultra-rigid titanium dome driven by a pure neodymium magnet assembly, itself rigidly coupled to the rear the acoustic cavity. By positioning the tweeter at the centre of the advanced mulit-fibre low-frequency cone, the result is outstanding time coherence and true point source articulation. With superior dynamic drive and high power handling, Definition offers Tannoy’s most formidable proprietary DC technology to date.


The substantial ported cabinets are constructed from the finest grade birch plywood, sourced from cooler, slower-growing regions to further improve the natural acoustic properties of the laminate. With performance paramount, Definition’s form is derived from its function: the cabinet’s trapezoid shape and complex parabolic curves being precisely engineered to minimise resonances and internal reflections. Each driver is coupled to the cabinet with a unique bracing mechanism incorporating Tannoy’s Differential Material Technology (DMT) for unsurpassed rigidity of the driver/enclosure coupling.


Inside Dimension, the performance-driven brief has been met with an all-new crossover featuring high-end components and benefitting from revolutionary Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) of the entire board. Using a ‘simple, straight’ design philosophy for an ultra-clean signal path, the crossover incorporates low loss laminated core inductors and superior polypropylene capacitors that are acoustically damped using Tannoy DMT material. Once fully assembled, the entire crossover is super-cooled to -190<> and thawed over a set period of time using a proprietary DCT process. This permanently reduces internal stresses in the microstructure of the crossover’s components, joints and conductors, leading to further improved signal transfer and greater resolution of fine detail.


High-purity silver-plated OFC wiring, selected by extensive audio testing, is used exclusively throughout Definition loudspeakers and the terminal block features substantial electro-plated brass speaker binding posts from WBT(TM). Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal is incorporated across the range, giving users the option to electrically ground the driver chassis to reduce potential RF interference in the audio system.


Definition’s smooth lines and deep-gloss finish are further complemented with fixing-less aluminium trims and discrete Tannoy branding for a truly distinctive and elegant design. Available in deep-lustre black, or lacquered real wood veneers in cherry or dark walnut, each Definition cabinet is hand-finished to the highest standards. Rich, articulate and expressive in sound; elegant, contemporary and organic in style, Definition defines the art of sound.


Definition DC10T         £4,999.00 pr

Definition DC8T           £3,999.00 pr

Definition DC8             £2,499.00 pr.


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