HTS - Style, Sophistication and Tannoy Sound

Tannoy — 23 Dec 2010

HTS from Tannoy is a new breed of loudspeaker that brings Tannoy sound quality to compact, stylish home theatre speakers.

Extensive R&D has resulted in a range of high-performance ultra-compact loudspeakers, luxuriously finished to blend with modern homes and contemporary decor. HTS is the ultimate ‘no compromise’ system for home theatre fans wanting the very best performance from a simple, sophisticated and elegantly discreet home theatre speaker package.

Engineered to deliver a big sound and high energy movie thrills from the smallest of cabinets, Tannoy has combined high tech neodymium drivers and its famous Wideband (TM) Tweeter technology with (proper) high density wood fibre cabinets. The balance of each HTS loudspeaker has been crafted to deliver a supremely rich and detailed sound throughout the mid and top-end frequencies with a smooth LF roll-off designed to integrate seamlessly with the matching HTS Subwoofer. Sleek and unobtrusive, each HTS speaker is finished in a deep gloss black to match today’s electronics and blend effortlessly with contemporary decor. Tannoy HTS is available in two simple packages for the smaller and larger room:

The HTS 101 is a discreet, exceptionally compact wall or shelf mount system ideal for smaller spaces. Housed in their rigid wooden cabinets the HTS satellites are voice matched with the HTS centre channel, itself featuring twin mid bass drivers to bring out the best in cinema dialogue. The potent yet discreet HTS active subwoofer offer precise upper frequency roll-off to deliver the bottom octave of main channel sound and movie LFE. The HTS Subwoofer features a downward facing 8in long-throw driver to deliver deep low frequency effects from any convenient room location.

The HTS 201 is designed for larger rooms and is ideal for those looking for the best performance for music and movies. Using the elegant HTS Tower main front loudspeakers, HTS 201 delivers a larger scale sound and fuller acoustic across the front soundstage. Combined with a pair of HTS Satellites for rear effects, an HTS Centre and the HTS Subwoofer, the HTS 201 system delivers an unbeatable combination of performance, style and value.

For those looking to maximise 7.1 channel HD-Audio on Blu-ray movies, or perhaps formats with additional height or width channels, additional HTS loudspeakers can be purchased to create an outstanding 7.1, 9.1 or even 11.2 channel system.

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HTS 101 system

(4 x Satellites, Centre, Sub)                £549.90

HTS 201 system

(2 x Towers, 2 x Satellites, Centre, Sub)    £779.90


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