Bigger, bolder Neo 4 joins AE's award winning Neo range

Acoustic Energy — 17 May 2011

Acoustic Energy has launched the Neo 4, a range-topping addition to the affordable and highly acclaimed Neo range.

Driven by UK and international demand for an even more potent floorstanding design, the Neo 4 marries a substantially built triple-ported 70-litre cabinet with AE’s 38mm wide-bandwidth dual ring radiator tweeter and AE’s signature 5.25in aluminium alloy mid-range driver. Bass duties of this true three-way design are handled by a pair of 6.5in bass drivers also featuring AE’s ultra lightweight and truly pistonic aluminium alloy cones.

For this super-sized design the Neo cabinet was further improved with high-mass panel construction and a serious 32mm thick MDF baffle – significantly chunkier than on many manufacturers’ designs costing twice the price of the Neo 4. This imposing floorstander (1200 x 300 x 200mm) boasts 200Watt power handling, 91dB/watt efficiency and a highly linear frequency response from 28Hz to 40kHz.

AE chief designer Mat Spandl comments: “The Neo 4 presented a big challenge in creating a large yet affordable loudspeaker that would embody the high-energy musicality for which the existing Neo range has been praised. A very heavyweight cabinet with ultra-thick baffle was required to ensure tight and potent bass response down to very low frequencies. Twin LF drivers were chosen to deliver greater linearity and speed than could be achieved using less-expensive single driver and ABR configurations seen on competitor models.”

Like the rest of the Neo range the Neo 4 has a crossover featuring high quality Polypropylene capacitors. Air-core inductors on the HF drivers afford a faster and sweeter top end, while revised long-throw suspension and higher magnetic field strength on the LF drivers produces tighter, more accurate bass. Cosmetically, NEO cabinets all offer smoothly profiled edges and concealed magnetic grille fixings normally associated with far more affluent speaker deigns.

AE’s Neo 4 joins the floor-standing Neo 3,  a two-and-a-half way reflex-loaded design capable of handling a substantial 170Watts RMS. The Neo 1 is a compact, two-way reflex loaded stand mount speaker ideal for the smaller room or surround-sound duties. For home cinema enthusiasts, the Neo Centre brings the smoothness and clarity of the Neodymium drivers to dialogue and centre channel effects.

The line-up is completed with the individually award-winning AE Neo Subwoofer. A fully-sealed-box design, the NEO Sub matches a solid 200Watt RMS class A/B amplifier with a 220mm driver boasting a 48mm voice coil and long throw ferrite magnet. Offering bass down to below 25Hz, a notch filter is included to tame room-acoustics problems. The notch filter has variable frequency, Q and attenuation level to control specific ‘boom’ frequencies, making the NEO Sub ideal for any size or shape of room.

The Neo 4 is available now as a stereo pair or as part of the potent Neo Max surround sound package – designed to be the most potent, most powerful 7.1 channel speaker package on the planet for just £1900.

Finished in Vermont (Walnut) or Black, the entire Neo range is available now from AE retailers across the UK.

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